Collage 101: Adding Photo Charms

by Helga Strauss

This is Part 2 of my Collage 101 Class. I'm going to show you a great way to make photo charms.

In Part 1, I collaged our Watercolor Cards with Green and Turquoise Decorative Papers and Vintage German Letters along with white gesso and watercolor crayons. And I cut out and added my kitty photos...all with Tacky Glue.

Now to add photo charms! I thought it would look cool if each kitty was holding or wearing a photo charm in some way. So, I pulled out our Inchie Photo Charms, Rope Edge Photo Charms, Classic Photo Charms and Brass Tags. I played around with them to find positions that I liked.

Next, I grabbed our Inchie Love and Mini Wishes image sheets. I thought they would look nice in the charms. Most of the images were the right size for the photo charms so I just cut them out, easy peasy. I just happened to have a 1” round punch so was able to punch out 2 large round images. For the Brass Tag, I just held the paper key image with the brass tag together and cut around the brass tag until the paper image was the right size.

Now that you have your photo charms and images all cut out and ready to go, pull out your Judikins Diamond Glaze or Rangers Glossy Accents. Put a thin layer inside the photo charm.  Then, put your image into the photo charm and push it down into place. Go over it with your finger tips to press out any excess glue...and wipe it away. Then fill photo charm with another layer of Diamond Glaze or Rangers Glossy Accents on top.

Now the hardest part...Go to bed! Let your photo charms dry over night. Be sure to set up a barricade around them so your furry pets don't stomp on them. lol. Here are the photo charms I made along with most of the supplies I used to make them (surrounding them). You can see that they have a milky tint to them. That's normal.

Good morning! Ahhh, the photo charms are beautiful, dry and ready! Yay!

Oops, did you want to add another image? Not to worry! You can adhere another word or image, no worries. I decided that I wanted to add “smile” to this one so I covered the back of “smile” with Diamond Glaze and stuck it in the photo charm. Then added another complete layer of Diamond Glaze on top. Let it dry overnight and voila, it was excellent.

If you get a bubble, try pulling it to the side and then out of the photo charm with a toothpick.

Once your photo charms are dry, you can add them to your collages, jewelry projects, etc. I decided to sew mine onto my collages. In order to do this, I first attached the photo charm to my collage with a Fiskars small Glue Dot. (these are so handy!) Then, I poked holes with an awl for where I wanted to sew.....

and then I made my stitches with a needle and embroidery thread.

To finish my collage, I made dots with a Sakura Gelly Roll pen and I glued on my text “smile like a cheshire cat” with Tacky Glue.

If you'd like to learn a bit more on stitching onto paper, see Step 3.

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