Transfers With Packing Tape

by Helga Strauss

Our collage sheets are professionally laser printed, making them *perfect* for transfers using packing tape! This technique is super easy to do. Once you have your desired ARTchix Studio image on packing tape, it's transparent! Add it to your collages and more! Bold, clear colorful images work especially well with this technique.

General Supplies and Tools: ARTchix Studio Images, Packing Tape (can be found just about anywhere, look for it at office supply stores and drug stores), Bone Folder, Water.

Select your desired ARTchix Studio image (I picked a cute one from our Paper Moon sheet), trim it to your desired size or shape and place it, good side up, on your work surface. If you want to cut out a small image, like a face from the background, don't do that yet.

Tear off a piece of packing tape, slightly larger than your desired image and place it sticky side down on the image. Note: If your desired image is larger than the packing tape, you can cut more than one piece of packing tape and overlap the pieces at least ¼”.  It will show, but it is not that noticeable.

Turn your image over so the wrong side is up. Rub it with a bone folder to burnish your image to the packing tape on a hard surface. Look at the right side to make sure there are no bubbles and that the paper is stuck securely and evenly.

Place the image on your work surface with the wrong side up. Put a few drops of water on it. Wait a few seconds, then start rubbing the paper off. Do NOT use your fingernails. Rub the paper off carefully with your fingertips. Once you have finished, set aside to dry.

As it starts to dry, you'll probably notice that there is still some white paper flecks on it. Wet it again and rub off.

Once you are finished, rinse it off under a faucet to get all the paper bits off. Set aside to dry.

Use a glue stick, Tacky Glue or gel medium on the back side of the image to adhere to your desired surface. I made this collage by adhering some vintage papers to one of our ATC Watercolor Blanks. Then I glued on my Paper Moon packing tape transfer with a bit of UHU gluestick. Then added a bit of Large Renaissance Borders and star sequins with Tacky Glue to finish it. Fun stuff! : )

Need some ideas on how to adhere your new packing tape transfers to your artwork? See our Transparencies 101 class.

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